You should choose what kind of belt buckle?

2016-06-27 10:10

Belt buckle belt decorations, as well as the finishing touch, but also to show a man of taste, style preferences and important parts. So in order not to bring the loss of your image, choose a suitable belt buckle is very necessary. In addition, the light has a beautiful belt buckle is not enough to set off your unique qualities, the correct method of a belt is also very important.
Leather belt
You should choose what kind of belt buckle?
Belt changes in the trend, largely caused by the hooks. Hook shape, size also showed a man's charm.
Pure golden hook clasp, usually associated with a class of noble words;
Brass hooks, gives a taste of men's masculinity and strength; large "back" -shaped buckle fully reveal the man's fortitude;
Oval buckle shows the maturity of the men; the square represents man's taste.
Classic traditional belt is gold and silver light, matte metal buckle and calfskin crafted style, minor detail changes, comply with the popular style, subtle reveal the flavor of the times without losing the classic character. The combination of black leather belt with a silver buckle and white classic, showing men concise and clear.
If you want to be romantic temperament of the man, then the natural color of the belt worn again abundant, embellishment will be more. However, men are more reticent romantic.
Belt buckle belt

How a belt looks better?
Currently, men's pants are selected according to the size of the waist, pants around generally not too big or too small, with a leather belt to tighten pants practicality has become less important, so no matter what style belts, appropriate tied around the waist to show its decorative enough. Jack should not be too much belt: some people in order to facilitate, on a belt to play a series of perforations in the waist line, the overall effect of undermining the belt, very ugly.
In general, the length of the belt, with the belt after belt buckle insert two staggered overlap can prevail, and the first belt can be inserted into the first trip is appropriate pants, belts jack preferably three to five, after a good tightness of the Department a third intermediate holes as standard. Belts and shoes color coordination: when a belt shall consider the shoes of colors, is the most appropriate way and shoes the same color.
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