Belt Maintenance Tips

2016-06-27 10:10

How to tell the belt is not leather or imitation leather

Today, not just for a belt tied pants, but also a decoration, a trend, a fashion, is now on the market a lot of traffic in the name of leather belts signs some inferior, counterfeit imitation leather belts, leather and imitation leather in fact, there are still many differences today to teach four-step Bigfoot differentiate genuine leather;
Step Grossly: cowhide leather surface with irregular lines, pores, etc., Pidi irregular fiber;
The second portion smell: leather protein, there is a slight odor;
The third step hand touch: leather surface with a finger touching after the contra-angle is very smooth and soft;
Fourth absorbent: leather case will absorb the water droplets, forming a water marks, color pens had not wet deeper, imitation leather, then it will only allow the liquid to stay on top;

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Belt maintenance tips
Correct usage, can extend the life of the belt, colleagues maintain aesthetics.
1, avoid the belt with a hard object collision, friction and sharp objects;
2, the belt needs regular maintenance on oil, occasional cleaning, cooking oil is put on a clean cotton cloth and then evenly loosen the belt surface;
3, place the belt when not in a dry place, pay attention to pest control;
4, ventilation;
5, to avoid the belt is placed in the sun exposure, the rapid aging of the leather side of the lead, faded or cracked;
6, the first part of the buckle on the belt and other hardware maintenance, win regularly with a dry cloth loosen, to pay attention to moisture water;
7, to avoid exposure to chemical agents;

Buy a new belt taste, how to remove

Buy a new belts if it is leather belts, because the leather from the leather of the original skin, even after degreasing, tanning and other processes, there will still be the presence of leather smell, like fur smell people will think it is a skin fragrant, and some people would say smelly or pungent, there are shares of natural taste leather, fur itself from the taste, the smell of leather is leather material with the body of evidence.
If you feel the smell of large, hanging shade ventilation days, slowly faded.
Sensitivity to odors friends can choose pu belts, canvas belts, no taste, the product phase is also good!

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