Men's leather belt wide more good

2016-06-27 10:11

Modern city life, men waist belt is to show the social status of men, a method of pressure. Some scholars believe that modern men's belt is the belt in ancient times man carried bows and arrows, swords, etc. abacus tool, they will each have important things on his waist, is to show a level of personal social status which performed.
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Men waist belt is one of the important decorative objects, when many people buy belts for men's belt with the body width selection, men's leather belts  wide more good? Do not know, I do not know how wide belt should purchase appropriate.
Men's belt belt width should be maintained at a 3cm-4cm cm; too narrow, it will lose male masculinity; too wide is only suitable for leisure, cowboy style clothing, trousers generally positive about 3.5cm Men's belt assembly is more appropriate, more concise and can show the man open hearty nature; denim slacks and the like seemed more casual about 4cm.
Men Belt selection the best choice will be more moderate width better, such as the normal width crocodile \ Goldlion \ BOSS and the like of the belt. Too wide a bit like a martial arts boxer, too small and with a graceful feminine. So moderate width, 3.5cm-3.8cm around, both were in the men's demeanor, yet one kind of casual, if leisure, you can also choose canvas belt, is the vitality of youth leisure.

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