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2016-06-27 10:12

Lead: either men or women, the dress, you need a little something to highlight the temperament and taste, wherein the belt has become the first choice, while for women, the belt is indeed a good thing decoration, women's belts there are many styles, colors, also different formats, relative to men, the usefulness of the belt will be much larger, and observe good belt, the belt is not only strips, more is to observe the first belt, belt head well chosen, namely able to demonstrate the identity, but also highlight the taste. Then select the first belt has, what does? china belts manufacturers JunHong today's article told about the first belt, it is necessary to tell you about, what kind of belt head, help men choose a good belt.

I believe that every adult male are all over the belt, a good belt, belt head to see at a glance, select the first belt determines a male character, is reflected in the more man's taste. Everyone can see that in a lot of drama inside, each actor wearing a belt basically very fashionable. In real life, we are going to buy a belt, belt and kind of head, how can not understand it?

Head of a kind of belt, automatic buckle

We are automatically deducted is a common type of belt buckle, this buckle type design is more convenient to use, the appearance looks more mature, many business men or the general adult male is more suitable.

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This belt is the first belt using elastic effect in the first belt set seesaw combination of a round magnet and a piece of iron to produce stretch through these widgets. Automatic deduction feature is that it only needs to move the drive rod breaking, it will make the Rocker and the magnet separately, after passing through the belt, according to a suitable location of release, to make it taut, only in the role of magnetic belt under it. To release it, only to break apart again, the belt can be pulled out.

Belt head kinds II Buckle

Most Buckle design are some of the younger people to use, and is also very common in life, in the middle of the discount which sets a flat needle, needle in the belt with the body have the same distance, the people in accordance with their own body shaped flat needle insertion position decided, after insertion needle, you can not loose a jammed. Very simple to use, it is one of the most commonly used as a belt buckle head type.

Metal Belt Buckle

Belt head kinds of three plate buckle

Also called smooth buckle plate buckle, it is characterized by its buckle lies in the middle of the head with the ball has a hook, the hook in the first belt played a major role, it is used fixed. Just make sure the proper position, the hooks of the hook into the hole with the body, you can get stuck.

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These are small for the kind of head on the belt to introduce, many of which are common in our lives, I hope small series of articles can help to you.
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