Business men wearing the belt should pay attention to five a

2016-07-04 10:05

Business men can not multi-select accessories, shoes, briefcases, watches, business card holders, cufflinks and so on. The belt is definitely the protagonist accessories. Today, shoes, briefcase and watch ads everywhere, even if the "uncles" would know little about this, but for belt use every day, people are known to only a handful. In fact, a lot of knowledge about the belt.
1. Analyzing the merits of a men's belt mainly by feel. In general, leather divided into two levels, relatively soft first layer of skin, the epidermis is the band; the second layer of skin without the skin, so will the pressure on the general level of artificial leather, so that only the lower layer is the dermis, the top layer of the dermis is not .
Belt first layer of skin feel softer, often more expensive, split leather belt feels would be more hard.
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 2. The first layer of skin that layer china leather belts, compared with the second floor, in the life of some of the president, two-story leather belt artificial pressure up, a long time will crack, then the belt no longer be used .
3. In general, business-style belt buckles are relatively simple, too fancy will seem very feminine, no business temperament. The quality of the belt does not lie in a belt buckle the size of the Logo of the European culture, the business people are very low-key, subtle, but very decent clothes, their primary concern is their own to wear comfortable clothing and shoes and belt the color of the material with a very perfect. Therefore, the style key is to look at how the belt with the dress style matched.
4. In fact, in a business setting the first impression is very important. A good quality, fashionable style belt can really reflect a person's taste, like this year more popular thin belt. But in a business setting, or choose safer, insurance, law-abiding, simple black belt as well. Pm and business partners attended the Party, you can choose the style slightly lively belt, highlights my personal style.
5. The belt is a consumable, use a long time will be bad. Usually as long as a professional leather care agent wipe can not be rubbed with detergent containing a strong base, it is the same with shoes, you need moisture. In fact, the best way of maintenance of the belt is more prepared a few, such as black belt, brown belt, a belt beige, etc., with shifts, can be used with different colors of pants. As long as the regular replacement of the belt, generally do not need special care.
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