Jun Hongto teach you to wear a belt tips

2016-06-28 09:42

Belt wear and maintenance is also a method of learning today, Jun Hong Fashion  will take you to look at some useful knowledge about the china belts.We know that the belt, also known as belt, as the shackles of the clothes and the use of the invention, one has now become an indispensable trend accessory. Do not look down upon this is just a line of belts, it tends to play a decisive role in the body of the dress, it is the influx of dirt, often in an idea. Belt-line that simple and simple, said complex and complicated, many people think that as long as the two sides wear even finished, not knowing that the idea of ​​such a lazy but wrong. Belt as a decoration, a good system can not only thin, and even adjust the proportion of your body, make you look more attractive.

china belts
1, under normal circumstances, do not put in the jacket above the belt line, that is not the clothes tucked inside the pants, this time too worn also looked very rigid.
2, more fat people in the waistband, the waistband careful not all exposed, this will expose weaknesses large waist, the correct method is to use clothes to cover both sides of the belt, leaving only the middle of a beautiful belt buckle, It looks thin and stylish.
3, relatively short stature who do not choose when selecting belt hit the color, very popular in recent years, although this match, but it will make people have poor vision off, body proportions will make people look very strange. Choose subtle, low-key more appropriate.
4, in general, they are all in the vicinity of the navel belt, but there are some exceptions, for example, want to rely on the belt adjustment stature, then it can be appropriate to tie up some of the belt, causing the legs from the visual effect.
5, the belt is the finishing touch to play the effect, if you type a bad back or waist is not obvious, do not tie too fancy belt, so to enlarge their own shortcomings.
 6, Jun Hong Fashion  will take you wide hip belt system who want to look good, be sure to avoid the kind of too broad or too small, or the wide hip problem but will be more prominent. This is the same point and the makeup, pay attention to is the weaknesses, it is best to choose a moderate belt width, style and do not be exaggerated, elegant and generous to. The belt system in the hip near the navel position, then coat both sides a little shelter, converging hip width.
 7, wide belt is a wild single product, is essentially an individual line up will not be ugly.
8, more fashionable belts, when the system must not be too rigid, stiff belt but will undermine the original design, you can loose some of the appropriate department, tassels and other decorative let it hang naturally at the side of the body can be.
 Of course, the belt-line is much more than that, there is no strict standards. Fashion is always changing, find their own is the most important.

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