Lerther Belts how scientific storage and maintenance

2016-06-27 09:56

Deposited on the belts, cleaning and maintenance methods Jun Hongprofessional share as follows:
Belt storage:
Many people see which stores display a belt or belt rolled into the advertising is placed in the disc, so this store is in the home. In fact, this is wrong, this time placed either true leather belt or even plastic belt surface appears wrinkles, especially leather, can affect the appearance, the best way is to really hang hanging belt stand up.
Of course, the belt storage environment should be in a dry, dark place, to prevent mildew, prevent sun exposure causes the belt surface aging, hardening, and shorten life. Also note that the insects for leather, silk and other natural materials belt.
Belt cleaning:
 To be determined according to the method of cleaning the belt material, usually leather wipe it with water, if there is dirt with a leather cleaner (or polish shoes rub leather sofa can be), PO wipe material is not so troublesome, water on Yes, more stubborn can rub with the eraser on it. Metal waist chain, you can wipe with a dry paper towel, Jun Hong remind you warm hanged acid alkaline detergent wipe it will corrode metal surfaces irreparable traces. Silk category with a weak alkaline detergent, rinse quickly, dried.

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Belt maintenance:
1, no matter how much you like this root belt, also make sure to buy a few to wear a belt change, not necessarily just a belt and daily clothes can match, even with the long-term are also still the same because leather is easy to generate long-term tension or relaxation break, so belt frequent breaks down is also very necessary.
2, regular cleaning of the belt, to avoid accumulation of dirt, wrung the water after the daily floating dust with a soft cloth lightly moistened cloth. Stubborn stains you can use specialized leather cleaner removal, if not also use some mild detergent properties, after completion of dry water can be dried. If the fear of infiltration of water, cover with a thin cloth, then let's be careful neatly pressed cold iron.
3, leather needs to be dry and polish, so try to avoid water and oil belt. If not careful wet, first with a clean, soft cloth dry water, and then placed in a cool ventilated place to dry, do not use a hair dryer or sun exposure, so as not to damage the leather wrinkles.
4, belts generally do not need special hardware maintenance, just wipe with a regular, if darker color oxidation, etc., looking for a non-abrasive toothpaste, wipe with a soft cloth and gently hardware can be restored light.
5, suede leather belt dirty too much trouble, we need to use a soft brush to clean the animals, if necessary, can also be used to wipe the rubber.
6. Do not attempt to punch holes in the belt, if you really need to allow people to help store drilling, drilling without the lack of professional care is likely to cause cracking of the belt from the belt holes.
7, when the belt due to the emergence of perennial leather discoloration, the need to use leather polish. And in order to slow down the aging of the belt, we should also be regular maintenance of oil painting. In addition, Jun Hong secretly tell you grease the hands is natural leather belts care oil, to ensure hand hygiene situation, often repeatedly touching the belt can make it bright color, more durable.
 8, if the belt is not used temporarily, when the first housing to ensure that cleaning is completed, into the dust bag stored in a dry dark place. While housing and do not learn the advertisement into a ball, but will make the belt as wrinkles, cracks or even, preferably vertically suspended.
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