JunHongbelt teach you how to identify quality belt buckle

2016-06-27 10:13

A good belt not only have a good leather belt body, should have excellent quality of discount, then how to distinguish quality belt buckle?

Market, belt buckle made of common materials are the following: iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper, plastic and other materials made of.

 Metal Belt Buckle

How to distinguish quality belt buckle?

What material is a first look at it? Number of expensive copper and stainless steel, the price reached a head 20-40 yuan / ranges only.
Secondly, we must have more feel, obviously not too light on the grade.
Again, look at the surface treatment, apart from a small number of stainless steel plating does not discount, other have been surface-treated, if the surface bruises, scratches, blisters, pitting, uneven color, yellow and so on, is a poor product

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