Jun Hong Brief belt material Tips

2016-06-27 10:13

What is cow leather? Cowhide leather and cattle What is the difference?

Generally refers to rawhide leather from cattle peeled away without hair removal and tanning and other physical and chemical processing. The rawhide after hair removal and tanning and other physical and chemical processing have been obtained by denaturation, nonperishable animal skins, then modified and finishing, the material is made of finished leather, also known as cow leather.

He said belt use cow leather itself represents pure leather, there is a genuine say. Cow leather surface has a special grain layer, has a natural grain pattern and shiny, feel comfortable, plasticity and breathable, easy to maintain.

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What is leather floor? First layer of leather and leather floor What is the difference?

Leather raw materials in the production process in order to improve the utilization of leather, usually crosscutting peel layer is divided into first layer of leather and leather floor.
Leather floor also includes real leather floor and composite leather, genuine leather floor and the first layer of leather is the same as cow leather, fiber-organized, with good strength, elasticity and plasticity processes.
Composite leather, also known as foil leather, after the first layer of leather and leather scraps true story broke again added polyethylene material bonded together.
First layer of leather is cow skin, the surface of the original characteristics of the skin pores, skin texture clear, the thin, dense fibrous layer and a closely linked together a little loose over layer composition.
As a natural leather is the best choice, you can create a variety of styles and styles, good toughness, Zhuo significant high-grade, robust, but the price is expensive relative to the leather floor.

Super fiber is what material? It cowhide compared to what good?

Combing through acupuncture non-woven production of three-dimensional structure of the network, through the wet processing, PU resin impregnation, alkali reduction, dyeing and finishing process finally made dermabrasion microfiber leather, which is super fiber.
We are super fiber than the unfamiliar name in the leather, and in our lives, this new material, but he is not strange, because combines the advantages of natural skin, lighter than leather, strong, beautiful, super fiber much LV, GUCCI, NIKE, ADIDAS and other big respected and pro-Lai in fashion circles, has become the material of choice for many fashion belt, the Leather Belts.
A super fiber life to 10 years, more wear more bright, so in terms of quality and price should be higher than cowhide.

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