Jun Hong teach you how to identify genuine leather cowhide b

2016-06-27 10:14

Pure leather belts by the use of robust, flexible, and can now posing commodity markets so much, how to identify pure leather belt genuine? Follow Xiaobian to learn under the bar. So that later you run into profiteers, they can also come up a voice in the street, had been hidden hero.

Leather belt visual discrimination law

Leather belt in leather look can see clear textures, but the texture will be different, because different parts of the cow's skin it is not the same, and there is no animal fibers. On the other hand, imitation leather pores are not, fundamentally the same texture.

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 Leather belt tactile discrimination law

Procurement division we can touch by hand, with a finger when we look across the leather belt leather feel somewhat astringent, and very texture, appearance and artificial feel very smooth, and we go to stretch it, and no pole good ductility.

Leather belt olfactory discrimination law

If the leather belt leather will have a heavy furs taste, even in the hours after the disposal of the factory, taste is also very obvious, but mostly imitation leather plastic taste, no furs taste. Such identification may also be leather goods like bags.

Leather belt incineration discrimination law

China Leather belt to take the lead from a small cut some point the belt, burned out after the leather is white smoke, imitation leather is black; because the main component of the dermis and human hair can become protein, thus incinerated the hair will be burnt after taste; leather completely incinerated debris can shape into powder, and debris into a pimple-like imitation leather.

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