Men Belt selection and wear

2016-06-27 10:14

Men's leather belt is a symbol of quality men waist.

Modern urban life, the man seemed to bear more and more pressure. From the man waist belt, you will be able to appreciate its busy state. They always hung or not a cell phone, key cases, and even lighter, it is very reminiscent of the ancient hanging belt carrying bows, swords, gravel, abacus. Hanging bows, swords and other ancient symbol of high status, and will certainly be the envy of others. But today, if a man hanging around the waist and then a long list of things, then it is no connotation of a lack of taste. In real life, most men will not agree to hang something around his waist, and even calling them his real identity, knowing to do so, in the eyes of others, especially in some tasteful knowledgeable female eye , these manners look how cheesy and no grades.


A mature man will not let his waist hung a small thing. They will be on a waist belt elegant, simple and capable, but also to a certain extent, on behalf of the man's identity, taste and personality.

How to choose their own men and highlight the quality of the belt it?

1. The choice of the belt please do keep a low profile. Black, coffee color or brown leather belt with steel, gold or silver belt buckle, both for clothing and a variety of occasions, but also good performance of professional men's temperament. Do not use the new style and with a huge belt buckle belt.

2. To consider the decorative belt, do not hang too many items. Because simple, capable men features.

3. The length of the belt should be between the first and second pants buckle, width should be maintained at 3%
Meter. If the belt is too narrow, it will lose the masculinity of men; if the belt is too wide, only suitable for leisure, cowboy style of dress.
In short, the fashion, the image of a man in a gracious, always a little thought in this detail on the waist, rather than arbitrary treatment, so that some trinkets block belt light.

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