How much do you know about the belt buckle

2016-07-01 17:02

Determine the value of a belt, in addition to leather and workmanship, as well as discount. Inside, there is much.
Metal Belt Buckle
Seemingly simple discount, in fact, divided into many categories, use, material, needle division can be used as a standard, a small belt buckle, turns out to be hidden.
Belt Buckle
Figure jade look good? It is also with a head buckle style, but ornamental than practical. In daily life was more than head buckle style, what does?
pin Buckle
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Pin buckle belt buckle is not easy and the slightest exaggerated style, men want to take the wind calm restrained, remember this style on the right
Smooth buckle
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If the pin buckle belt buckle can control different ages, then this kind is only part of a mature man style. Smooth buckle momentum is too strong, if you own the gas field is not enough, will be dressed like
belt buckle
Set of clothes is great, but the model so gentle temperament, but did not control so mature style belt, belt buckle needle into effect will be better. Only their own gas field is strong enough to challenge this single product
belt buckle
Old belt buckle
Metal Belt Buckle
Think about it, beside this style, not many people, probably because it is too rosy. This does not preclude the fashion people love it, after all, a deep sense of retro can be very attractive, and more enthusiasts dedicated to the collection of this old belt buckle, may in the future of a given year, it quietly pop up
Cavalry buckle
There are more personal than the old belt buckle of it? Yes, that is unique in shape buckle cavalry
Belt Buckle
Across the screen tough guy can feel the atmosphere, which deserved the name. Involving cowboy movie, there will be more or less similar to the discount appears. Do not look, you can share a sense of wanton and chic, so maverick belt, and occasionally a try is very compelling.
From the use, the belt can be divided into more than a few, but in the material, the belt also has a variety of options.
For the pursuit of texture of men, as one of the top brass buckle
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Not only is the needle belt buckle, brass this material is suitable for any style, a sense of the kind of precipitation, other material is impossible
In addition to brass, our daily contact with the most is the alloy, alloy buckle good, to bring you the heavy metal texture, the pursuit of quality of a man, how can you miss this detail
china belt buckle
Only the belt buckle, there is such a deep knowledge, it is not surprising why the match is a so much emphasis on the skill of course, want to outfit learn mastery, you may wish to start from a small discount.

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