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The company will "professional & credit" as a business philosophy will never change, namely: there must be operating on a very professional technical team to provide customers with professional technologies, products and services; treat customers and partners with honesty, integrity and phase be.
In addition, the "king" word in Chinese culture which good moral character who can also be called a gentleman, meaning companies must "integrity" as the fundamental, so that "true to its word, line must be fruit", while companies also need attention different period of development to be summed up, adjust, can not be confined to the status quo, win without pride, lose with grace.
Jun Wang vows to fast-changing market, evergreen tree, always maintain an entrepreneurial vitality heart "professional technical services to customers, a sincere attitude for the benefit of society", catch up with advanced international standards, and constantly challenge themselves in prosperity Forward!


First, the purpose of the enterprise
To provide the best products and service aspects, comprehensive help customers, enterprises and employees to achieve a successful experience.
Enterprise Location: do business scarves, belts and integrated development.
Business Location: do a set of scarves, belts product design, development, production as one of the suppliers.
Business principles: on customers and employees highly responsible and seek common development for all.
Second, corporate mission
Become scarves, belts leader in the field, continuing the pursuit of maximization of customer satisfaction.
Maintain and develop the leading position in a scarf, belt areas.
Third, core values
Integrity, innovation, customer-oriented, overall concept, the initiative efficient, the pursuit of win-win situation.
Integrity ------
Upright man, real work and the fundamental principle of all corporate and employee behavior.
Treat customers, partners must always adhere to the law business, honest business operation of the Road, the pursuit of win-win results.
Innovation ------
Promote open, the spirit of equality, respect and autonomy and stimulate the creativity of employees.
The pursuit of product and service innovation, management innovation, to produce high value-added products and services through innovation.
Customer-oriented ------
Maximize meet the reasonable needs of customers.
Innovative service models, and carefully build "full service" brand.
Between internal departments, the relationship between customer relations staff, to support each other, warm service.
Initiative efficient ------
Quick response to user and market needs, solve problems quickly.
The pursuit of simple, smooth workflow, clear time and responsible persons.
Initiative to take responsibility, take the initiative to ask questions and solve problems, active communication and collaboration.
Seeking win-win ------
True to its word, line must be fruit, closely aligned to customers in a highly responsible attitude to provide services to ensure win-win situation.

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